Why is webapp connecting to Google subnets?

@TabloTV, I have noticed recently that the web app makes multiple attempts to connect to IP’s in Google’s ranges.

  • This appears to be a recent development (i.e., approx last 2 - 4 weeks)
  • Blocking these requests do not appear to hinder functionality
  • IP’s are in the range (AS15169)

What functionality is needed to connect with Google??

When you’re using the WEB app in the chrome browser why don’t you look at the HTML and see why it needs the google cloud.


  • I am not using Chrome
  • I have already viewed page source
  • There are numerous possibilities: Analytics, CDN, Ad-related, etc
  • I’d like an answer from @TabloTV

Since you’ve gone so far as to draw a hypothesis why not just solve the riddle. That way tablo can concentrate on the fixes everyone is waiting for.

Why not just phone them up if you want an answer directly? This is a forum intended for others to help others.

@zippy, why don’t you go kindly troll elsewhere?

I did not “cut the cord” to be tethered in other ways.

As I made it clear in my original post, my question was directed to @TabloTV

I don’t need justification, permission, or approval from you or anyone else on this forum, to ask a legitimate question.

Thank you

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You don’t need permission, but you shouldn’t be a douche when someone replies to try to help you.

I could have given him part of the answer. But to be so inquisitive as to track IP addresses that the WEB app connects to also implies some ability to see what is being accessed.

Why not just use the network protocol analyzer ethereal.

Please. You should talk. Your responses to others haven’t exactly been stellar, or friendly. That was the first thing I noticed before even joining this forum.

It figures that you would interject exactly where you were not needed.

There was no assistance of any kind given by, or requested from, him/her.

I specifically directed my question @TabloTV.

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I have definitely been more helpful on the forums than you. We can agree on that.

I only use chrome for accessing my.tablotv.com from a PC. There are no add-ons.

So maybe when you get the answer from tablo it would explain why, when I’m connected to my tablo I’m also connected to amazon. Maybe Jeff Bezos has some secret mind control tool.

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State PID
TCP morgan:1923 tablo-dual:8887 ESTABLISHED 3640
TCP morgan:1924 server-54-230-87-155.lax3.r.cloudfront.net:http
TCP morgan:1925 server-54-230-87-155.lax3.r.cloudfront.net:http
TCP morgan:1926 server-54-230-87-155.lax3.r.cloudfront.net:http
TCP morgan:1927 server-54-230-87-155.lax3.r.cloudfront.net:http

I can’t answer the question about Google, but I might have an idea on the Amazon connections. I know that many popular OTT services uses Amazon Web Services for hosting. For example, I’m pretty sure Netflix uses AWS as a host service. Since most folks who cut the cord are users of streaming services, your IP state table may reflect a streaming service.

I’m interested to know why a connection to Google is needed.

Maybe google also provides some WEB services, WEB app, data storage, virtualization, and authentication in the cloud. Amazon cloud front could be a wonderful thing if you are a small or medium sized company and/or can’t implement your own cloud.

1 Like is not an actual individual ipv4 address. But you can find some of the domains hosted on this sub-net.


Let’s stop with the namecalling here folks…

I’ve asked our web guru… Just waiting on an answer.


Thank you @TabloTV, that is all I asked for. I have some ideas, but would like an official response.

I look forward to your answer.

What are you 12 years old??

Each post I have made is a contribution, could care less if it meets your “standards” or “approval.”

Funny, even you thanked a number of my posts (unless you have unthanked them at this point).

I have no desire to play any further in your childish game as this has gone far enough offtopic.

Grow up.

13 actually.

@zippy, @ddd671

I had previously mentioned it could be “Analytics, CDN, Ad-related, etc”

I am quite familiar with Amazon/AWS/Cloudfront; that wasn’t the concern – it was to understand what the requirement is for the connection with Google (as I maintain strict rules for egress/ingress via firewall/proxy/IDS/IPS).

And @zippy, I already reviewed the other domains hosted in the subnet with that and other tools. It is multiple IPs within the subnet.

FYI - Our web guru believes this is related to Chromecast.

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