Why does the Android app need access to call information?

I got a notice today to update the Tablo app on my phone running Android 4.4.4. It asks permission to Device ID & call information. Why in the world would Tablo need access to Device and call information?

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I noticed that too. I have no idea. But I updated anyway. :wink:

It looks like the Android web app has the features of the Chrome app now (like bulk delete).

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Could it be that since they got rid of the Tablo player with this most recent update, the Tablo App now needs to know when to cut video for an incoming call?

Okay, that’s a reasonable explanation. I will update my Tablet since I don’t make calls on it anyway, and see how it goes.

I see that a lot on my phone apps.

I think they need the Phone number to return audio control to the phone if it rings.
Also, they probably can keep track of you (for anti-piracy purposes) instead of asking for more intrusive info.


NSA requirement to hear you while you watch free tv.

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It’s actually how CSIS plans to spy on the U.S.

Tablo is located in Ottawa after all.

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The device info is now displayed in the settings menu at the bottom. I assume they need that for troubleshooting purposes.

Hahaha… Not quite…

It’s not a change that was consciously made so we’re looking into why this setting was altered. Stay tuned.