Why does the Android app have AdMob embedded?

Seeing as we’re all paying customers here I see no reason this app should be sending my device data off to Google regarding what I’m watching. I get that you have to monetize this somehow beyond profit margin on your hardware, but I thought that’s what program guide subscriptions were for.

Please remove AdMob from your Android app and cease whatever marketing data mining and sharing you are engaging in with this app.

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/agreed.  At least give an opt out option.

Hey @Keith,

The Tablo Android app doesn't use AdMob. None of the Tablo apps (iOS, Android, Roku, or HTML5) have any advertising at all. They don't track usage or capture any personal information.

In fact, the apps don't communicate with any 3rd party systems other than a (completely anonymized) crash reporting service, which we use to help track down any issues in the apps.

We always have our users' privacy and security in mind and we'll never collect more information than is required to provide our products or services. Please let us know if you have any questions. We also have a Privacy Policy our our website: http://www.tablotv.com/privacy

But we're curious: what made you think that we have AdMob embedded in our app?