Why does my tablo keep shutting off

My system keeps turning off and there is literally no support. Has this happened to anyone else?


Your information is very vague and so it’s a little hard to understand what you mean or if it relates to any other ongoing issues.

It’s helpful if we know a little more about how you have things set up. Some of the key things are:

  • What type of Tablo are you using?
  • What type of device are you watching this on? (Roku, Firestick, Android/Google, iPhone, etc.)
  • What do you mean by “system”? Are you referring to the app? TV? Roku/Firestick/Phone?
  • By “turning off”, could explain the behavior a little clearer? Examples like, “the app quits”, “the roku restarts”, “I click on the app and nothing happens”, “(blank) behavior happens and I see the Tablo reboot.”
  • Are you getting any error messages?
  • Does this happen on every app you try to use?

There are some quirks with every setup, and the more information you’re willing to share, the easier it is for someone to help you. Many of us have experienced odd behavior, so it’s likely someone’s gone through the same thing as you.

It sounds Tablo support is overwhelmed with the holidays and staffing shortages, so it’s taking a little longer than usual. Even so, I received a response to my latest support ticket in a little over a day. Keep scouring the community forums here for any issues that might possibly be related.

Good luck and keep us posted!

It’s the new 4th generation. I do have a TCL / Roku television and yes the app quits. Once it quits I need to go to the tablo app on my TV and start it again. It happens continuously. I’m connected to my Internet ( strong signal) via Ethernet cable. Was never able to connect using WiFi.

Try a non Roku device as the Roku app seems to be very buggy right now.

Have you tried any of the usual Tech Support go-to advice?

  • Rebooting your television and trying the app from a fresh boot.
  • Uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling the app.

Let us know if any of those help. Otherwise, as @rkkeller stated, you might need to use a different device. They updated Roku app should be out in a couple days, from what I understand.



(I know that the Roku sticks update once a day if plugged in constantly, but I would check for a Software Update while you’re at it, as well.)