Why does my tablo change channel to home?

why does my tablo change channel to home? I’ll be watching a live channel and the channel switches to home.

Can you expand on which version of tablo you have? also, which device are you viewing the APP on?

I have a gen 4 two tuner model and I’m using a roof antenna and watching on a Phillips Roku tv

All your devices updates? Did you get the newest Tablo Roku App update from a few weeks ago?

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I just got the Tablo this week. I’ll check my tv’s software. When I first connected the Tablo it did a firmware update.

when you do, can you post your software version numbers here? so we can confirm.

Also, at the same time, are you able to check the signal strength of your TV and Tablo within your wireless router? We just want to confirm you have good signal.

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If you need help finding this or anything else (Roku OS, Tablo app version, etc) that KimchiGUN has mentioned, just ask and someone with a few moments will see if they can answer your questions.

Do you mean you select on a program (as opposed to selecting the channel on the far left) and after that program ends playback ends? If so, that’s expected behavior. If you want playback to continue past the end of the current program select the channel on the far left.