Why does a postal code suppress (or add) more (or less) channels?

As an experiment, I tried to put in a different postal code than my current one and noticed after a channel scan, more channels appear (~10 more!). Why wouldn’t the channels that my attenna detects be the channels that the Tablo finds regardless of strength or location. The new channels detected had 3 or more bars as well. Some were low def and others high. The alternate postal code I used was around ~ 40km away.

I suspect that the main reason the channel scan is so quick on the Tablo is because it only looks for the channels in its database for your zip code.   I am sure it is a design issue, plus it helps make the program guide easier. 

The Tablo folks do appear to be willing to add channels to a zip code, so I would let them know that you can pick some more up that just the default ones.

Don’t think it has anything to do with the quickness since the speed of the detection is the same on either postal code. Seems like a logical suppression. Postal code x = 23 channels. Postal code y = 31 channels.

The only issue is that I don’t know what I’m missing then if the tablo is suppressing channels depending on the postal code.

@ltldevl Your guide is being populated through our guide data provider - which associates networks/channels with zip codes. If you notice you have channels missing when you switch from your current location to a new zip code, feel free to send me the details (your zip code and the missing call sign, e.g 2-1 CBS) and I’ll reach out to our guide data provider to have them added. 

Awesome!  I will do that… however, I think it would be easier for Tablo to just display (on a scan) all channels the antenna sees. Like I mentioned above, if I don’t know what I’m missing, I don’t know what I’m missing! :slight_smile:

The more end-users we have the better the data will be as we’ll be able to see which zips/postal codes are missing info. We’re working really hard with our guide data provider to improve data quality but it’s super helpful for people to compare what they get from their TV tuner and then from Tablo and let us know if there’s a discrepancy.

Of course…I can’t reproduce the issue.  I’ll create a support ticket with screen shots when I do however.

Thanks @ltldevl - very much appreciated! 

Im missing all the us channel data from the epg for Montreal h9r postal code

Yes open a Support Ticket with Tablo to get the guide data for those channels added to your postal code.

You likely get US channels that others in Mtl cannot receive.

How long does that usually take (update with zap2it)? I also put in a
support ticket with zap2it directly (emailed support@zap2it.com but if you
have a faster method to update the EPG with them then that is the way to

While I have you’re attention, is it normal that it takes some times 1-2
minutes to change channels when connected with Chromcast? I work for a
company that has made SoC’s chipsets that compete with ViXs and MXL603
and we’ve implemented fast channel change and have DLNA integrated for many
years now and I don’t understand why simply selecting a different channel
takes so long to start playback. Is this something that will be addressed in future firmware updates?


Switching to an channel that isn’t currently being tuned is always going to be slow with the Tablo. It has to start transcoding the channel and build up a little buffer, so it should take about 10-15 seconds to do. Their one attempt to speed it up (Fast TV setting) has caused issues with a lot of users.

Once a channel is tuned, you can go back and forth to it in 1 sec. The Tablo is not a good device for people that just want to channel change live tv. It’s strengths are in recording shows and playing back recordings. I rarely use it at all for live TV.