Why do they recommend Roku Ultra 2020, not 2022?

I have my new Tablo Quad network hooked up, did setup on my PC.
My channlmaster andriod won’t let me install the Tablo app. (It says not enough space even though there is lots of space)
I have a NVIDIA Sheild somewhere in a storage box I can’t find.
So, which device do I buy?

I’m also disappointed I have to by devices for 3 or 4 tv’s
Why can’t I just download app to Tv?

P.S. I’ve had a Tablo dual hdmi for over a year, but it keeps quitting.

The best results are any Roku/FireTV device from 2020 or later. I have a Roku Ultra from 2018/2019 that is still running great. I have other devices, but Roku & FireTV tend to have the quickest development & support for almost all things streaming. That isn’t a put down on AppleTV, NVidia Shield or other products.

TV Support tends to end the quickest (I have several smart TVs from 2019 that are not supported by multiple apps already).

Thank you
I ordered the 2020 model because it’s in stock rather than a 2 week delivery.
I’m in Canada, so new products ship from the state. The Roku ultra 2020 says 1 day delivery, should be here tomorrow.

Next question, how does it work on 2 or 3 tvs at same time?

A Roku is a TV/display endpoint device. While you can physically move the device from TV/display to TV/display, usually, you’d have one per TV/display (and there’s a reason why Roku TVs exist). Tablo, on the other hand is a network device that can be used by multiple endpoint devices.

Edit: I need to note that there are now Tablo devices that are per endpoint devices, these are the ones that have “HDMI” as a part of their name. And with that said, IMHO, they are likely better devices for those that just have ONE TV/display endpoint where OTA TV DVR is used. Otherwise, it will get quite pricey to purchase Tablo units for every TV/display.

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Its the last use of an RJ45? Thats how I reconciled things.

Ok thank you.
So now I’ve ordered a fire stick for the 2nd tv.
Rokus for each tv after the cost of the Tablo would have been too much.

My Roku Expresses work great, bought for $18 on their site.

and, I believe, this is largely why you’d want a Roku/Firestick over a smart TV and/or using it’s app. These are relatively inexpensive (regularly on sale) compared to a television. You can afford to update or upgrade often, maybe 3-5yrs. While many buy a TV until it’s just too old or dies, or an incredible sale happens.

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And smart TV has the streaming type remote, no direct channel entry when using TV’s tuner if you want to.

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I sent the Roku back and got another Firestick . I didn’t like the interface on the Roku, the Firestick works fine.
So finally, Tablo works on 2 TVs, living room and home theatre. Didn’t bother with bedroom TVs.

Thank you all for advice and offering your experience.