Why do I continually get "Loading, please wait" message?

First time poster here.

I have had my Tablo for about a year now and it is coupled with a Roku 3. Whenever I watch live or recorded programs I keep getting a “Loading, please wait.” message. The message seems to come randomly, but within a minute or so, and the message lasts about 10 to 15 seconds, sometimes longer before the program comes back. And even though I’m watching live TV, when the program comes back it picks up right where it left off so the recorder must be activated somehow when I’m watching live. I’ve checked and for a half hour show, it stretches to 40-45 minutes due to constant re-loading.

This is very annoying. I’ve kept up-to-date with the latest versions of the Tablo software and the Roku works fine on other channels, e.g. Netflix, Amazon.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?


Kevin H.

I hate to say this, but its a combination of the Roku hardware and your network configuration. I say that because its not your fault, or at least not something you can easily fix without spending money. It’s very hard to get no buffering on 1080p for live TV via Roku. That being said, it seems the latest firmware has worsened loading times on Roku, so when we see an updated firmware it might improve for you somewhat.

What recording quality are you using?

Only taking a guess, but I suspect Netflix and Amazon have access to beta code for Roku to test their apps PRIOR to Roku upgrading the software. As more people get Tablo, they might get better deals with the set top box manufactures.

Everything you watch on Tablo (or Tivo for that matter) is via a recording made to the hard drive. There is no such thing as really “live” TV on a DVR…The Tablo tunes the OTA channel, and records it to the hard drive. When you watch a live program, it is from the buffered recording on the hard drive - just like when you are watching a recorded show. Tablo discards the recorded buffer for live TV at some point (don’t know what their algorithm is), so it doesn’t fill up your disk. This is why it picks up from where it left off, as it is restarting playback of the buffered recording.



Thanks for the reply.

I had the setting set to HD 720p. It was not set to HD 720p/Chromecast.

There is also an HD 1080p and a Standard Definition setting. Of the four possible settings, which setting is recommended to alleviate the Loading/buffering problem?

If I change the setting on the Tablo App, does it take effect immediately? Do I have to do something at the Tablo box to effect the change?



@kjhart0133 - Try the 720 Roku/Chromecast and see if that helps. It will affect all new recordings and live TV immediately. Nothing else needs to be done for it to take effect.

If you’re still having issues, send us a note: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new