Why did my Tablo change its public Connect ports?

@TabloSupport I had Tablo Connect working for quite a long stretch, because I’ve got both a fixed DHCP reservation and a fixed port mapping in my router (old, reliable Airport Extreme).

Recently, the Tablo decided to bump the public port numbers it wants up by ~9 - from e.g. 21040 to 21049 for private port 80, for example - and Tablo Connect was broken. Why did it do that?

To recover, I had to be at home, but I only adjusted the Tablo settings back where they had been. I didn’t have to touch the router, except for a therapeutic reboot in both cases.

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Typically, the Tablo will only try to reach new ports if the existing ones are no longer forwarding correctly. Was there any kind of brief outage or change on the network that could’ve caused the hiccup?

Well, this is the Internet. In Florida. During hurricane season. Still, Charter Spectrum service has been quite reliable, and I know Tablo Connect was working as recently as, oh, last week or so, and all of the cable modem, router, and Tablo are on UPS.

Does the bump of ~9 indicate it retried 9x? Perhaps the therapeutic reboot of the router did help…


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