Why can't I get a good signal for 10-1

I have a channel master 4228HD and no pre amp but have a powered amp. It’s the channel master 3412 splitter . Only 2 channels seem to be a problem and it’s 10-1 and 35-1 (TVA & V) and I’m located about 39 miles away from those stations according to tv fool as I live in the J0P 1z0 area. Any tips ont getting better reception for those ? Would a channel master 7777 or 7778 work ? Thanks in advance

I have the same set up at my place living about 1km away and mine is set up in the attic which is about 10 feet lower than his antenna and I’m using a really cheap amplifier splitter +3b gain and I’m getting that channel clear as day same as the 35 channel

Also can I put the CM 7777 and a CM 3412 amplified splitter ?