Why can’t they keep the service up

The servers have been down twice in 2 days

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We haven’t noticed any issue her.le. Tablo has been chugging along normally.

Mine is down again, too. Seriously?

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Working here…

10:06pm est.

I am very new to tablo, so take this with the grain of salt that it’s due.

  1. Growing pains
  2. DDoS against their infra
  3. Understaffed operations

I think tablo at this moment in time is positioned to continue to get a LOT of market share.

The competition feels it. Connect at least the two dots between 1. and 2.? And if there’s any truth to that, having 3. is a recipe for disaster.

Regardless of why, I am hoping that tablo will get motivated to overcome the issue(s) – whatever they actually are.

I am wanting to join the leagues of satisfied, long-time product users, but right now: it’s tough at four days into this journey.

I’ve seen tons of great feedback going back years. A lot of great ideas that still have yet to be implemented.

One that probably has been and I’ve overlooked it: a meaningful local status page.

By that I mean the one that says “Hello world” running on TCP/8887, or even the default port of 80 (" Nuvyyo Tablo Server").

I know that not everyone really cares to see a lot of network bafflegab, so have a main page with “Connected to Tablo servers”, and a “more information” link for the gearheads, with a reasonable level of details about endpoint names and request response times etc etc.

Saying that information is proprietary and leads to disclosure of privileged information is not valid.

I can already see a lot of this by watching DNS requests the device is making and watching the state table entries in pfsense. I can see the number of bytes sent on each socket, and glean the endpoint names/functions by watching DNS or performing whois lookups on the endpoint addresses.

Save me the trouble of using pfsense to try and see what’s wrong, and put it on a status page!

Seems like RSSI has been requested since forever but it’s never yet been done (or am I blind?) Because of the lack of attention to THAT simple request, I suspect anything like what I am interested in won’t even be considered. Fine. I’ll do it my way.

Think though tablo: you have the beginnings (more?) of a STRONG community of people willing to HELP one another. Give them the tools to do an even better job.

Maybe John Doe doesn’t understand what a REST/SOAP endpoint is, but plenty of power users here do, and already understand their significance to how products like tablo operate or fail to operate.

Expose some data so people can copy/paste into forum posts and it’s a win for tablo and the userbase!

At LEAST expose RSSI somehow. How many users suffer with either poor signal strength (and no way of being certain that’s the problem unless support tells them by looking at backend data.) Or what about front end RF overload? Some people live in densely populated urban areas, and have AMPLIFIED outdoor antennas, when what they might want is an indoor antenna with an attenuator, or perhaps a simple inline high-pass filter (FM BCI).

These are things that have the potential to lessen the load on tablo support and empower users to solve their own problems.

Try transparency. It might be the best feature you could add, and it doesn’t really require and R&D expense!


Servers are down again… Start screen hangs on TV with 4th gen Tablo/Roku, “Unknown Error” on Android.

Just FYI, the Tablo servers were down again this morning, but they’re back up now. Outage detected at 3:34 AM CDT. Back up as of 3:55 AM CDT.

It was down for me this morning with the same symptoms as reported by others, but after reboots of Shield and Tablo it is working now. I did miss the start of my morning news routine, though. I have finally learned the frustration of some posters that I dismissed as outliers. I have never been enthused about participating in Beta testing, but it does appear that this is a big Beta test. I relied on the advice of someone I trusted, though he was not a 4th Gen owner. SiliconeDust is my next experiment!!!

Dang… I was out cold and sleeping at that time.

I was dreaming about @269587 and I posting in this forum on a beach. :joy:

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(looks around)

I’m not quite sure how to feel about this…

Okay… I found the right button.


Bye bye, creep!

… Aww crap. I suppose I could have sold this better if I hadn’t already “liked” the post? Gotta love your sense of humor, KimchiGUN!

I was sleeping as well, but @ArtSmart did the right thing and made a note of it so maybe they can look into the issue.



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Hi folks - In recent weeks we’ve been doing a significant amount of work on the back-end server infrastructure to ensure stability during peak TV-watching periods and as we continue to grow.

While this work has unfortunately caused some disruption over the last few weeks, we’re aiming to keep the impacts on users to a minimum and will be implementing additional measures to provide more transparency about the current server status moving forward.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you – I think this is the best thing you could do right now to ease users minds.

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how about t d


Thanks for the update, and thanks for the efforts to improve the product.

Here’s my main issue: I can’t launch the Tablo app on the Roku platform while your servers are down. I can on my phone, but not on my 50" TV.

Question: Why should the Roku/Tablo app need access to the servers just to launch? #BadlyWrittenSoftware

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Excellent suggestions, @tabl0wn. An on-device local status page would solve a lot.

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I don’t know if it’s “badly” written software or is it something that we don’t know that is based off the Roku firmware / code?

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This is my last straw. It’s 2:21 AM, so of course, I can’t watch a damn thing I’ve recorded. The Tablo app on my Roku Express 4K+ was already running, but since it can’t talk to the mothership, then it won’t talk to the Tablo DVR inside my own home. #PoorlyWrittenSoftware

I’m ordering that AirTV Anywhere while I wait. Lo, and behold. Amazon’s servers are working all night. Who’d a thunk it?

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Smart move! My antenna is in a completely different room and my wife would never tolerate a cable between the rooms. So, my solution is that I am trying out HDHomerun.

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@ArtSmart and @LarrySB I’d be interested to hear your respective experiences going forward with AirTV Anywhere and HDHomerun.