Why a reinstallation?

Installed 2.2.5 quite a while ago. Fired up Chrome today, and watched it reinstall itself. Why?

But wait, it gets worse. In the previous installation of 2.2.5 at least the Loading issue was nearly cured if recording at 720p, but now it is as bad as 2.2.2 was.

This is with a system that is wired end to end.

The “second” 2.2.5 was v2 of the beta to fix FF thumbnail preview generation.

Perhaps so, but seems to have broken the Loading issue. The previous was pretty good; now I’m trying to watch recorded football, with nothing else changed, and I have about a 70% duty cycle of Loading/watching.

Which 720p quality are you using? If 5 Mbps, can you try the 3 Mbps?

Cleared up. I took off power to Tablo, Roku, switch, router, and cable modem. Then reconnected each in order with a couple of minutes between. But my disappointment is that after a year of Tablo ownership, with minor improvement in the interface, it still requires at least weekly and sometimes daily fiddling with every piece of equipment between the Tablo and the TV to keep it running. I have found that there actually are new SAGETV extenders available, so looking at connecting a pair of Silicon Dust tuners to a PC in the garage and be done with it. How happy one is with something is always relative to expectations, and the SAGE system had all of the things Tablo is missing any many more. Either that or the wife is pushing to just get Comcast cable boxes and be done with it. Cutting the cord is a good idea until the result is a frustrating, crappy system that requires hand holding and even when ti works delivers a low rez, poor sound quality system. I am planning to get a 4K OLED unit for Christmas and a new amp; what a waste that would be to feed it 720p stereo.

I agree, Tablo is not about top notch video or audio quality but about compatibility with most devices. Have you considered the new TiVo Bolt?

“theuser86” loves to suggest the Tivo Bolt. This time he forgot his usual link to the Tivo Bold thread.

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Sorry - just for you, have you bought one yet?


Maybe I’ll switch to bolt if you switch to simple TV.

I love my Tablo and it works great. You don’t seem to love your Tablo. I’ll buy your Tablo off of you? I’m in the market for a second one.

I know it is heresy, but I’m gonna to Comcast tomorrow and see what the deal is. Haven’t had one since five years ago when I cut the cord and set up SAGETV. But Google bought them to throw them away, and my extender units finally croaked so tried the Tablo. If it looks like the way to go, then yes, my quad would be for sale. And many members would be glad to stop reading my bitching! The alternative is $650 for a pair of SAGETV boxes a fellow has, but lost my tuners to would have to add the Silicon Dust units, and just becoming too much of a project.

The upcoming revamp of the HDHomeRun is looking as a legit alternative too.

I’m picking up a Bolt plus a pair of Minis today. If they work out, my quad Tablo will indeed be for sale.


Done. Email my personal email if you still want the quad.