Why 4th gen only MPEG2

The latest version of Tablo hardware has been totally redesigned inside and out, with a sleek new form factor that is flexible enough to mount on your wall or sit on a table.

Inside Tablo are two powerful ATSC 1.0 tuners which deliver full quality MPEG2 video and an optional in-line amplifier to help lock in over-the-air channels from your TV antenna. There’s also 50+ hours of onboard DVR recording storage which can be expanded by connecting a USB hard drive (up to 8TB).

I have to keep updating your titles to these threads. And instead of creating a bunch of little threads, you may just want to create one with all your complaints.

I am not even sure what your question is in this one. You are just posting info from the Tablo site.

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Just posting 4th gen doesn’t do MPEG4 in case others have MPEG4 TV stations