Who's using a Sony tv with Tablo?

I’m asking because I’m kind of ready for a new tv. I was thinking it would be nice to remove one extra device from the equation. I use Fire tv most of the time and am very happy the way Tablo works on it. I’m just curious how the Sony tvs compare. Any opinions?

We have two of the Sony Android TVs and are very happy with Tablo on them. I was using FireTV for access to PS Vue, but have stopped since the Android app came out for it. Only source we have to use an external streamer box for is HBO Go. For some reason Comcast won’t authorize Android apps for HBO Go. No idea why.

This is just my opinion, but…
I’d recommend getting the TV you want, based on the best TV you can get for the budget you want to spend, and not factor in the “smart tv” platform that will likely come packaged with whatever choice you make.
I say this as I believe none of the built-in platforms will have every major service available, and that smart TV operating systems are not updated at the rate of the stand alone boxes. Many manufacturers just stop updating their TV OSs after just a few years.

A stand-alone streamer is better in my opinion, and you are likely to find at least one app that isn’t on your TV based platform that drives you to using a stand-alone just for that one app. Roku TV might be the exception here, but I’d still rather buy my TV based on it’s image quality, and add a Roku externally.

And btw, I’d recommend a new Roku 4K streamer to anyone looking to buy a streaming box today. It is still the one and only that really has every content app available. Fire TV doesn’t have google play for example. Android TV doesn’t have Amazon, except for the new Nvidia Shield and select Sony Android TV based TVs.

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i have a Sony Android 50" TV and Tablo works just fine, as well as sling. It is nice to use a single remote.

Totally agree with that…I use a Harmony Hub Simple Remote…works great with everything.

I use my phone… one stop shopping and everyone has a remote.

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I agree that tv operating systems stop getting supported but so will the streaming boxes. I’ve always liked the Sonys I’ve owned and if Android TV works well on them, then that’s a bonus. What I would really like to have is just a 50" monitor. No OS, no speakers, no tuner. I could just hook up anything that I need without the added fluff.

I guess what I’m asking is how Android TV works on Sony TVs. Does it have enough processor or memory? I’ve read here that LG Web OS is slow for Tablo.

Sony Android TV is a wonderful system…but when my Roku 4 stops being updated (which I’m willing to wager is a lot further out than a current gen Sony Android TV), I’ll plunk down $100 to get the latest and greatest streaming box…not $500+.
Again, my opinion only. The Sony will easily run the Android Tablo app.

@Leaning6 - You may want to give this a read: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/5-things-cord-cutters-compare-smart-tv-set-top-box/