Who doesn't have problem with the new firmware 2.1.18?

How about a show of hands ?
All these report about marcoblocking and buffering are concerning to say the least…I am holding off on the update…

I have had no problems at all with 2.1.18 (I have a 2-tuner).  

I also haven’t seen any significant improvement either.  It was working well beforehand, and it is still working well.  The web app for Android was a much bigger deal for me, because it allowed me to use my phone with the Tablo for the first time with no issues.

I have had no problems with 2.1.18. I have the 4 tuner model. I have mine set at 720p since I have a couple of TV’s that are 720p sets. 

No pixelation issues at all.

I have no problem either and mine is set to 720

See little difference with 2 tuner with exclusive Chromecast later playback use. Maybe slightly less reliable, dumps stream ¾ way through an hour program once and a while. Guess I’ll have to wait till January for the next update to see if Chromecast streaming is reliable enough for non-geek users in the household. Native android playing is still missing. I didn’t see any benefit with this update. Just my small opinion, I don’t see any room for Android/Chromecast improvement with the current HLS protocol. MPEG-DASH (Used by Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Pandora, etc) is the direction the rest of the streaming industry is moving. Hopefully I am wrong. Kudos to the Tablo Dev team doing as well as they have with HSL on Android, unfortunately Chromecast doesn’t have the ability to side load an alternative player.

Choosing HLS over MPEG-DASH, making good decisions!

No probs with my 4 channel model.

720p as well.

My experience is similar to @snowcat’s.  Haven’t notice much difference (some functions may be slightly faster) with 2.1.8 on my 2-tuner Tablo.  Was working fine before, working fine after.  Also noticed a quicker sync when using Chrome.  I mainly access Tablo recordings via my Roku (wired connection).

Everything is working fine on my end. 2 tuner and 2 Roku’s. No problems. Syncing is much faster than the previous firmware. 3 seconds faster from what I can see.

One more thing, I’m running at 720p also.

I wish to run 1080p and it would be nice to see an AOK from folks running 1080p

2 tuner set at 720p, no problem on either Roku

Tonight I was watching Sleepy Hollow, which was currently being recorded. At 17 minutes the recording stopped. I tried to go to Live TV to check the station then the Tablo rebooted. The recording did start again but I had missed about 10 minutes in the gap.

I should add my TABLO is connected to my lan with a network cable and does not use its built in wifi.

I have no problems at all…best update yet, 4 tuner here

Not seeing any problems.  Mostly using Roku 3 for watching recordings.  Not viewing live tv through Tablo much at all.

For anyone looking for a few more details, we answered some questions here.

No problem with 2.1.18.

4 tuner model / 1080p setting / Airplay from Ipod Touch web app to AppleTV.


There’s your 1080p confirmation.

I should update my statement saying when I played around with LIVE tv (and only live tv) … on my ROKU did I see the buffering issue … pausing the playback briefly resolved any further incidents.

Still seeing more issues being reported on 2.1.18 than I’d like so I decided not to upgrade at this time…this bring me to a suggestion for Tablo developer…

Can we have a switch to turn-off the nagging screen about updating firmware every time I connect to the Tablo  ?