White text on white background (mini guide in Apple TV app)

In the Tablo app for Apple TV, when already watching a channel, I click “down” to pull up the smaller pop-up guide that lets you change channels. While scrolling up and down through available channels, the highlighted channel seems to be white text on a white background. For example, I scroll to “[5-1] NBC” and I can no longer see that text as long as that channel is highlighted. I just see a solid white rectangle that appears to contain no text. So if I lose track of my scrolling and want to know which channel is currently highlighted, I have to scroll either up or down (in order to see “[5-1] NBC” again), then scroll back to that channel if I want to launch it. Am I missing something? Is there a way to change the text color or the background color for the current selection?

Thanks for flagging this. We’ll aim to improve the contrast for this in our next Apple TV app update.