White Screen Startup

Can you remove the white blank screen during startup?

We are using Amazon Fire Sticks and when you initially startup Tablo, a white blank screen will appear for about 15 seconds before changing to the Tablo interface. This may not seem a big deal to some but when you turn on Tablo at night in a dark room when others are sleeping, there is nothing more annoying than the entire room lighting up with that white screen that stays on for about 15 seconds.


Piling on a bit, the whole app startup sequence on the Fire Stick is a little disconcerting. Successful launch gives a total black screen for a while before that white screen. Neither is particularly comforting about whether the stick is still alive and happy or something went wrong. Rather, that black screen feels almost exactly like launching the app crashed the stick.

I’m sure you are facing some sort of framework launch that you have to wait on before you can begin to actually do anything, but at least putting up a logo splash screen would be preferred.

We will definitely fix this up! It seems like it snuck into the last release.

I can promise it’s been doing the white screen for a long time…not just the last release. I can’t remember it ever not having the very jarring white screen during startup. Like the others have said, it is really bright and does indeed fully light up a dark room…
If it can be fixed, that would be great!


Hi everyone!

This should be fixed in the newest update: NEW - Update for Amazon Fire TV Devices (v. 1.3.1) & (v. 1.3.3)

Sorry TabloTV, the white screen is still present in version 1.3.1. It appears to stay on for about the same amount of time which is roughly 15-20 seconds.

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I’m not a Fire user at all so forgive me for jumping into this thread, but assuming the start up screen can’t just be removed is everyone basically asking for a dark theme for the app? :slight_smile:

Yup, still the white screen - about 7 seconds on Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen.
This has been a “feature” of the Fire TV Tablo App for so long, I’ve kinda given up hope that it will be fixed - but wouldn’t mind being proven wrong.

Tablo hit the jackpot with update 1.3.3. This new update has fulfilled my request. No more white screen.
Thanks Tablo for the quick fix.

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