While I'm here I might as well spell-check your website

On a related note, searching for Marvel’s Agents of Sheild came back with nothing… sigh…

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On an unrelated note, seems grammar standards keep slipping. Saw this on Amazon’s homepage. It irritates me like a burr under my saddle.

After all, what about all the non-shiny, new tech? Couldn’t Amazon have been more inclusive by omitting that comma? #commatosis. #off-topic

Still not working, tried search for Marvel’s Agents, of Sheild. Not found.

Bizarre, it found it for me immediately…granted it’s the poster art from last season.

sorry, it was my sometimes dark sense of humor.

There’s his problem, he spelled Agents correctly.

Ha ha ha. Forgot what thread I was in when replying. I will make a quiet exit holding my head in shame