Which Guide Provider is used?

I have ordered the Dual HDMI but am out of town for a while until I can get back and try it. I am curious as to which company provides the guide to Tablo. I fought with Tivo for years over incorrect guide data. Even Titantv promptly corrects problems just to let them slip back incorrectly in a few months. It seems that matching OTA channels to correct guide data and actual RF frequency has been the greatest challenge to recording from an antenna since the digital transition.


Emphasis, “gracenote today”

Like Tivo and others, it could be changed in the future.

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Gracenote is preferred over Rovi. I had DISH when they switched to Rovi and not only the guide had many errors but they have oddly worded show descriptions. However, my Sony Android TV uses Gracenote and has always shown “no information” for my local ABC station. If that is the case when I connect the Tablo it may be my first support ticket.

If one does not continue with subscription is the 24 hour guide still Gracenote or is it PSIP?

It’s still Gracenote.

More info here:

Very interesting, thank you!

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