Which do you prefer? Chromecast or Roku (old thread)

I have a Chromecast and Roku 3 and will be setting up my Tablo tonight.  I’ve read about troubles with Chromecast but it works off a tablet which would make it easier to use. Roku is a little harder to navigate using the Roku remote but pretty much trouble free, I believe.

Which do you prefer?  I intend to try both but wanted some opinions.


I ended up ditching my Chromecast on one TV and bought a second Roku 3 to use instead.  I think the Chromecast would work a lot better if the Android app would get fixed or the Tablo folks would make it work with the iPad.  

I thought Chromecast worked with the iPad?  Or is it the Tablo/iPad combinatiom?

While Chromecast works with a lot of apps on the iPad, it will not work with the Tablo app.  You can only use the Android tablet app or a Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension.

The iPad by itself is a great Tablo client.  I use it quite a bit around the house (especially in the kitchen).

My wife has an iPad so that’s good and I have an Android tablet so I guess we have it covered.  I’ll soon have Chromebook too so it’ll be overkill.

If you use the room for music as well, hands down Chromecast.

If you use the room too share personal photos and videos with others, hands down Chromecast.

If you just use the room to consume videos, Roku.
The available android apps to control a Roku are highly function and responsive.
The ability to send you tube videos via a Chromecast connection to the Roku you tube app, is just great… Because the Roku app suggests useful like videos to continue watching… With no extra effort. Honestly, this makes not watching Tablo videos very easy. It’s a true model of nice and easy entertainment… Just like the old days of mindlessly sitting in front of a TV and laughing at the funny commercials.

Thanks, Thumbs, I’ll check it out.

I had no luck getting my chromecasts to work with the tablo and ended up getting a Roku 3.

I’m using Roku 3 too.  The GUI is a bit clunky but functional.  Not as nice as Plex on Roku.

I replaced Chromecast which was clunky and buggy. Roku issues continue into latest update. I’m in Tablo heaven since switching to Nexus player. Good luck.

I use Chromecast with Tablo and recently upgraded to Chromecast 2. We use the Tablo daily and it gets the job done for us. The Android + Chromecast has had its challenges but not to the level that the ROKU users seem to experience. I run at std def which surely helps the chromecast with lower network bandwidth.

The Chromecast and Tablo complement each other perfectly. And at $35 you can’t beat it for a house with multiple TVs. The support team continues to update the android app and hopefully the remaining issues will be solved.

I switched from Chromecast to Nexus player. Game changer. All issues re buffering, FF, failed recordings - gone. Also can now record in full 1080 HD,