Which antenna lead do I connect to Tablo?

I have 3 TV’s on an antenna with 3 Amazon Fire Sticks and Sling, Does it matter which one I connect to Tablo? Do I have to disconnect the other two also if I’m using WiFi?

It doesn’t matter which antenna feed you connect to Tablo. You do no thave to disconnect the other antennas. Two TVs will be able to still receive OTA transmissions and all three TVs (with the appropriate streaming app) plus any other device of your choosing will be able to access the Tablo’s content.

The one TV whose antenna you pirated for the Tablo will not receive OTA content. That may affect your decision on which antenna to use.

when I see “antenna you pirated” I think:

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Yeah me and 22 million others so far this year… It’s time for you to wake up

It’s a joke dude.

I thought the pirate flag thing was a joke. I probably could have picked a better word construction to indicate that you took an antenna from one TV and that that TV now would not get OTA transmissions.

no problem at all with the construction of the phrase, I just found it worthy of a giggle…

(Although with 3 sets + a Tablo to supply with OTA goodness, I would have attempted to use 1 outdoor antenna and split out the feed 4 ways… assuming that the location permits…)

Hey guys, this was my first time logging in to the “community”. I didn’t think Kartajan was joking. Sorry for my response. Just to clarify, I have one antenna with 3 separate lines going to each TV. Thanks Bardel, your response was very helpful.

Everyone makes mistakes… Even though the general population of these boards tends to be fellow cord cutters/ trimmers.
I am not upset, but based on your perception I edited my post to add a more obvious indication of my intent…