Where's the press?

Not trying to be a @TabloTV fanboy or anything, but where is the press at on this product? CNET? TechCrunch? Anyone? This product is awesome and I’m surprise we’re not seeing more press on it.

@MichaelB - Seems like Amazon Fire TV and the NAB show are stealing a bit of our thunder. A lot of the key reviewers are busy at the moment but do have units and we are anticipating a few more coming out over the next few weeks. 

@MichaelB hold tight!  working on a review for ya.  agree that the product is awesome!

I hope someone in the press mentions how incredible the communication is between Nuvyyo and its customers.  This is such a breath of fresh air compared to many companies these days.  Obviously some of this has to do with how critical it is for a great launch, but nonetheless, thank you folks for the great dialogue back and forth; and the receptivity for idea sharing.

Review is up!  


@tremjo - Thanks for the kudos! Hanging out with you guys and getting paid for it is already a pretty cool job, but it’s nice to get recognized for the effort we put in to keeping you guys in the loop. 

@adammiarka - Thanks for the great review! 

Pssst… in case you haven’t seen it, the CNET & Wired reviews have gone live:

CNET -  http://www.cnet.com/products/nuvyyo-tablo/

Wired - http://www.wired.com/2014/05/over-the-air-time/

Also remember the “press” is mostly owned by the same media corporations from which cord-cutting is siphoning revenue. They are still making their royalties off iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix.