Where is what data stored?

I am a bit curious as to where some of the data is stored. Between the drive, NVRAM, RAM, and cloud, what is stored where? Recordings are obviously on the drive, but where is program data and scheduling stored?

In the Tablo’s internal storage. Nothing is stored in cloud.

You can find a how-to on how to migrate the disk to a new unit and get the recordings database rebuilt. But no how-to for migrating the recording schedule.

So do you mean I have to recreate my automatically scheduled recordings if I change the drive? It won’t remember my shows and I need to start from scratch?

My tablotv example/information was to move an existing drive to a new tablo unit.

It was intended to indicate what information might be recoverable/rebuilt based on what is on the drive.

I’m sure if you seach the site you might find infomation on replacing a drive.

You originally asked about locations. If you’d asked about swapping drives there’d have beed different responses.

It was a little of both. I was wondering what would happen during a drive change, or if it goes bad. I have the HDMI version, and have been running into issues where it was stuttering real bad during some live buffering. I don’t think it was an issue with signal loss, as the TV’s own tuner had no problems. I’m currently using a generic UnionSine drive, and was wondering if it was having issues. I have bought a WD Essentials to replace it.
From what I see, changing a drive is just changing the drive, rebooting, and then reformatting. I was sort-of wondering what might change, other than losing any existing recordings.

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