Where is the Tablo Screensaver?

I have 3 Tablos which work fine in general. I am using Roku Ultra and Roku 3 for the front end access with the latest software. I have the Roku’s set to use the screensaver after ten minutes, which works fine when I am on the Roku main page. When we watch the recorded news on the Tablo app, however, we sometimes leave the room and the recording finishes and then it is on the “replay, protect, or delete” screen. After 5 minutes or so, the TV goes blank with no indication that it is running. This is on a new Samsung where the red power light is on when the tv is turned off, which is backwards from the old days. We have left the house a few times not knowing the the tv was still turned on.
In contrast, the Sling Tv app on the Roku has the moving Sling icon on the screen when a recorded show ends, so it is obvious that the tv is still turned on.
What am I missing to fix the problem?

It goes black which works awesome for my OLED. Yes it’s a bit weird, some simple Tablo Logo moving around would be good, nothing static or Bright.

We have an OLED and can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten up in the morning to find the TV was still on because of the alll black screen saver.

Device specific. Sling logo comes from the sling’s OS, the TV blanking is the result of its OS. It’s unlikely the tablo app is controlling either device. :neutral_face:

My AV receiver is also on, so I’ve not had this happen yet. But yes I agree it shouldn’t be black. The good thing with OLED’s is they use much less power with a black screen.

Netflix on the Roku doesn’t use the Roku screen saver, some other channels do use the Roku screen saver and Tablo just goes black. So not only is it device specific it appears that Tablo in the case of the Roku decided to go with the black screen. They should just use the Roku default like some other channels do.

Yea, my oversight on the roku. As an inconvenient workaround - set the sleep timer four 4hrs in the evenings. :man_shrugging:

I don’t really have the problem in the evenings because I check if all the electronics are off before going to bed. I just need it to have a moving logo screensaver when doing things around the house with the TV on in case I might have to leave and just glance at the tv to see if it’s still running. I am surprised that Tablo didn’t put one in from the beginning like all the other apps I use on the Roku such as Sling TV, Sony Playstation Vue, Hulu, Acorn, etc. Should I repost this on the Feature Request page?

Sure, but it seems to mostly be a place to vent.

Ok I guess if you don’t have an OLED, if you do it’ll cost you dearly.

That phrase blurrs the issue - now you’re adding resposibility, accountability or it’s not always someone else’s fault - to root cause. :neutral_face: