Where is the Super Bowl?

I can’t find it under NFL.  There is a pre-game show and a post-game show, but I don’t see the game itself.  I know it will be broadcast OTA

It’s there under Sports. Under Super Bowl. Just checked on web app.

Ah, so it is.  Just seems that it should also be on the seven day list of shows.  Thanks.


Where is the Super Bowl?<<


On my WebApp, I had to go to “Sports”, then “NFL Football”, and then “Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots”.
It isn’t listed anywhere in the guide as “Super Bowl”. DOH!!
Tablo isn’t the most intuitive viewing guide. However, it’s not as bad as the app PBS threw together. (snicker)

That’s really were it should be listed, just like all the regular season and playoff games. The guide did it right this year.

Search Superbowl. Nothing.
Search Bowl. Nothing.
Search Super. Nothing.
Search Championship. Nothing.
Search "Where is Superbowl listed on Tablo? Get the answer after wasting 15 minutes.

It’s under NFL, just like it was last year.

For what it’s worth I got a notification from Roku this morning that appears to be telling me CBS is going to stream the game including pregame.
Checking into that in a bit…