Where is the Guide and Scheduled Recording Data Saved

Is the Guide and the Scheduled Recordings data stored on the Hard Drive on in internal memory? If I swap out the hard drive will the Tablo retain the Guide, settings, and Scheduled Recording information or will it all have to be re-entered?

I didn’t see this information anywhere and I have a temporary hard drive on my Tablo for the moment. Will be installing a bigger drive in a week or so…

I know the Recorded shows will go away (or I have to jump through hoops to transfer them) but not sure about Guide, Scheduled Recordings, etc…

P.S. If I should plug the old drive back on after swapping it will I be able to access the Recordings previously stored on it?

Settings and schedules are internal. Guide is downloaded, so doesn’t matter.

To your last question, yes the recordings on old hard drives are accessible if you were to swap it back in.

Yeah I guess that’s true about the guide…guess I was thinking of the ‘customizations’ (hidden channels, etc)

Thanks! Good to Know.

You’ve got answers from some who know a bit more about it than I. On a tangent, here’s some info I’ve ciphered out. The tablo has an http server, the drive seems to be accessible on port 18080 and internals on port 8885 - or so this is my presumptive speculation. (note: you will need to know your own tablo’s IP or name on your network) Also note, none of this is anything you’d really do manually for any practical purpose. All this info is in JSON format, I use firefox which formats it into readable for me, otherwise you’ll need to search for a JSON format tool.

Your scheduled programs are http://tablo.lan:8885/guide/shows?state=scheduled Right, that doesn’t tell you much. Take one of those paths and get the show to be recorded http://tablo.lan:8885/guide/series/XXX The entire guide is at http://tablo.lan:8885/guide/series and of course you 'll have to break each of those down.
Note sure what you meant by “hidden channels”. Channel info it stored at http://tablo.lan:8885/guide/channels Each of those can goes further as http://tablo.lan:8885/guide/channels/XX

The drive listing is accessible via http://tablo.lan:18080/pvr/ now it doesn’t give you much as-is. Each of the directories represent an episode, http://tablo.lan8885/recordings/series/episodes/XXXX for specific info.

Again, none of this is practical, like this. I find it provides some insight. It can be useful if you care to write a shell script, or you can remember how to do string manipulation or work JSON to dig out some info, or stream shows through your own player or store them on another drive.
I think you may have some misgivings about transferring your files over the another drive… but it does vary by user.

:speak_no_evil: Be aware, using an old worn out drive might make give you problems :hear_no_evil: with only one specific issue :see_no_evil: with your rig

I only use old worn out drives with my Tablo - tried, tested and true.


Yup, that was a throw-back and another topic that someone was being goofy.

I don’t think I have ever bought a brand new drive. Maybe once, way back, long time ago, building my fist PC everything was new. Back before internet access and ebay.
Now, old computer parts don’t necessarily wear out, and still function (exceptionally well in a non-windows environment) - and are affordable. I suppose for a high-end gaming system or serious video editing, I may need more. But for web browsing and video streaming/playing my old, out-dated systems live on!

Got my new Western Digital 2 TB drive yesterday and plugged it in…confused me a bit at first cause it didn’t show up and then realized I had to log in to my account with a browser and format it. I wanted to test everything out and make sure it was good before spending more on it. :slight_smile:

As explained the settings were all preserved … only recordings/video is stored on the drive.

I’m loving my Tablo!

Now I just have to decide whether to keep You Tube TV or not when the trial expires next week. :slight_smile:

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