Where does the channel list live?

I scanned channels from the Web app in Chrome on a PC. It found about 47 channels, 30 watchable.

So far so good.

But then I login from the Tablo app on my iPhone5 and it does not show the latest channel list. So I hit rescan.

Not sure it found the exact same list, I think one or two were missing, and maybe one that was not there before.

Then I open the Tablo app on my iPad and its the old list again!

Does each Tablo app and web app instance keep its own list?

I would have thought that would stay on the Tablo device so all connecting devices can see the current list.

I just want to understand how the system works, so I know when and where I should update the list if I try re-positioning the antenna.

Thanks in Advance.


Question after you did the scan on the computer and then opened up the app on the iPhone, did you let it finish sync’ing? It must be done for the new channels to show up.

Same with the iPad, it can take anywhere between 1-5 minutes to complete the sync.


I finished the scan on the PC, clicked Update Guide (or whatever it says). Watched several channels for a minute to verify they worked.

Then picked up my iPhone5, opened the APP, grumbled at the live TV list being outdated, then scanned, updated, and watched a few more channels for a few minutes.

Then decided I needed a bigger screen so I dug out the iPad, opened the APP and got the old list again. Scanned again. Saved. And watched TV.

It took multiple scans on the IPad to get the complete list. I went back to the other devices and Disconnected. That seemed to allow the scan to complete with a seemingly full list.


You didn’t need to re-scan on the iPhone or the iPad. You just needed to wait for the iPhone to sync with the Tablo.

In short, the channel list lives on the Tablo itself. When a device syncs with the Tablo, it will get any updates to that list.

I thought I waited long enough… like 5 seconds… Maybe 8. An “eternity”

I do have patience issues with technology - it should all be instant!

Thanks for the speedy replies!

Lol 5-8 seconds is definitely too short… I told you in my first post that it takes 1-5 minutes to sync on the iPad or iPhone if you have done a channel scan on another device (aka the computer).

You should only ever have to do a channel scan once at the time of initial setup.

This needs to put on-screen so impatient new users (like me) who have not read all of the user manual don’t do something silly. I assume this info is in the user manual?

Like update the channels from 3 different devices almost at the same time…

In my experience, it is shown on the screen, in the slide out menu it says Syncing until it’s done. I guess they could add it as a toast message or something though. Supposedly they are going to make the wait shorter in future releases.