Where did the "Genres" tab go in FireFox?

For the past few months I’ve noticed that if I use Chrome to access my Tablo and navigate to “TV Shows”, I get the familiar 4 tabs across the top - All, Premiering, New, Genres and Channels. However, when I use FireFox, I only se All, Premiering and Channels.

Since chrome has been showing the “this will stop working soon!” message for a couple of weeks, I decided I should try out the Win10 app to see if it showed all of the tabs (I use the Genres tab a lot), but lo and behold it too only shows All, Premiering and Channels.

Any suggestions about what has happened to “New” and “Genres” in FireFox and the W10 app?

There have been questions about other missing items and it sounds like a lot of them may be coming in the 2.0 version.

Good to know! Still odd that it’s different between chrome and firefox though - not to mention that if firefox is the sole supported viewing method on Mac/Linux going forward, it ought to be able to show all of the features.

It is odd indeed between browsers. I was more so talking about the Windows 10 app itself.

A few years back, they were talking about bringing parity across all apps. You’d think with the end of support coming for the Chrome web app, that the Windows 10 Tablo app would at least have the same features as the web app so that we don’t lose anything in the transition.

It was never in Firefox. Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo


  • Web app is not fully supported on all platforms/browsers -

Unfortunately, that’s the pitfall of open software sometimes :frowning_face:

Sometimes you can pick up 3rd party app to pick up where tablo leaves off. #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex