Where can I get TV show Castle for free?

Where can I get TV show Castle for free?

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It is currently airing fridays on TNT. Otherwise you will need to purchase it from a number of streaming services.

Thank you so much

who streams TNT?

Sling Blue does.

Is there any way to record to a DVR a DVD THAT I have?

According to the Tablo guide, it airs on Sunday afternoons around noon (MST) on ABC … channel 15-1 in my market. I guess either your ABC affiliate doesn’t broadcast it, or you don’t subscribe to the Tablo guide. Or might be you can’t get ABC in your area. But that seems to be the only free spot. Since it is on ABC (in my market), the next place I’d look is Hulu… since both ABC and Hulu are owned by Disney. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t on Hulu.

In my market, the CW affiliate is airing one episode a week on Saturday afternoons.

Handbrake will make a video file (MP4) from a DVD. But you won’t be able to put that file on your DVR. You’ll need to store it on a computer or NAS.

I just checked… it is on Hulu, but it is part of their premium package for $11.99 per month. So not free. But cheaper than Sling TV.

Or you can purchase the DVD’s and have them to enjoy any time you want them.

Have you tried looking?
www.titantv.com tvlistings.zap2it.com, maybe tvguide.com or in your tablo guide search? If you mean free/pirate - then you’re on your own.

DVDs, no BluRay?

This link will show you where you can stream it for free or for a fee:

Not sure if Castle is available but Sling TV is free for next 12 days during trial. I signed up to watch remaining college bowl games not on OTA tv.

It might be a syndicated show and not ABC.