Where Are The Older models?

When I try to browse models, I just get pointed to the new 2 tuner generation 4 model (edited). If my current Tablo breaks, that is not the model I would want. I would want an old 4 tuner model. Why can’t I find those?
My Tablo is connected to a network. So, later I will be able to ditch the subscription tv guide?

I believe all Tablo hardware will eventually be moved to the new app. I’ve also seen mention of a new gen Tablo with more tuners in the works.

The gen4 is 2 tuner.

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The obvious answer is that the legacy devices aren’t being made anymore. You can still buy new and refurbished Dual Lite models on their website, but 4 tuner and HDMI models are all sold out.

I was told by Tablo that they are still making them, but they never said when they would be available again.
Refurbed ones show up on the site occasionally.

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My guess is they focused their production (who makes it for them?) on the new ones to build up inventory. They may now be restring some legacy production, but probably at a lower level than before. And possibly one one type of model at a time.

My old legacy 4 tuner tablo start having trouble, I have the lifetime sub and want the old legacy 4 tuner like everybody said they don’t produce them anymore look at ebay this guy is selling them as is read on the feed back and found he sold more the ten and there where two dud. I got one and rolled the dice for $16 bucks $35 taxes and shipping arrived yesterday and lucky enough it works great even has the 30 days trial set it up and use my lifetime sub. He start selling them $14 now there $18 something now. If someone want to roll the dice and take a chance here the link Tablo DVR Model SPVR4-01-NA Parts Read | eBay

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