Where are power requirements listed for each Tablo model?

I would like to know the amps needed to power each model Tablo
I saw one blog power quote of 10 watts
Equal 110 Volts AC approx .1 amps
Are all models the same 10watts
That should be on each model data sheet?

Since you are interested in amps versus watts you could search the forum for power supply. Somewhere in the answers is the specs for the current tablo power supply.Which is probably the same for all models.

Or if you want watts you could seach tabotv for “how much power”.

My concern is people say the units are running hot
So, what is the power consumption
I did not find power spec on the Tablo WEB site.

Thank you
That is what I needed
But, it still should be in the unit data sheet

So, you just went to tablotv.com and, in the search box, put in how much power as suggested? Finding that 4th down. Despite claims power specs can’t be found on the web site :superhero:

While the number is interesting it doesn’t include any of the power required for a users HDD/SDD. Maybe if I was concerned that the device was going to break my eletricity budget but I don’t think the electrical costs of my multiple tablo units will exceed the cost of my pool pump.

And none of those numbers will yield either how hot the unit will run or the max operating temperatures.