When will Quad be available again?

Just tried to order the Quad on both TabloTV.com site and BestBuy; both sites indicate that they are sold out. Has Tablo indicated when they will be available again? Can I prebuy or get on a wait list? Thanks.

Only Tablo can answer when the next shipment will arrive.

Some of the last shipment is being held hostage by Amazon. Maybe by the time they get back Tuesday they will have some answers.

You can always check Amazon Monday and Tuesday to see if those units have made a prison break.

Claim I can get it by Tuesday 15 or pickup in store on Friday 18… although I haven’t actually clicked add to cart and checked out.


(they do list dual lite “in stock” - but that’s not what you want, just say’n it’s not like Amazon.com)

Thanks for the feedback. I went back again & placed my order. This time they said I could pick up by 10/23 and they took my payment. Last time, I tried to get it shipped, which they said wouldn’t arrive until 10/21, but when I started to pay for it, they said I could not order as it was out of stock. A glitch, perhaps.

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I just heard about that Amazon BS. All the garbage on Amazon and they decide to pick on Tablo. Half the products listed are misrepresented or straight out junk. It’s not that I don’t like Amazon but they do a terrible job vetting products.

Who knows where the copyright infringement claim came from.

Any buyer or seller can fill out an Amazon form and claim copyright infringement.

I bought a Tablo Duo Lite from Amazon (one of their stores, it turns out). When the Tablo died after 3 months, I called Tablo per the warranty. Turns out, Tablo won’t honor the warranty unless you purchased from an “authorized” reseller. Fortunately, that seller refunded my money; but I could have been out $s. I wish Amazon/Tablo would put out a list. I found a link on the Tablo site, but it didn’t provide any info.

You mean you buy products on Amazon and didn’t realize there is a difference between products sold and fulfilled by Amazon and products sold by another vendor?

The only vendors that I’ve ever heard sold units supplied directly by tablo were bestbuy, amazon, walmart, and frys. And I think walmart and frys dropped out of the mix.

And the tablo warranty page may not be up to date and lists vendors who may not even sell the units anymore"


All Nuvyyo Inc. products are provided with a 100% repair or replacement warranty for 12 months from the date of shipment from authorized retailers (Nuvyyo, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, NewEgg, Fry’s, Micro Center, AAFES.com, Overstock.com, Jet.com, Wired @ Home).

Devices sold by third-party entities via authorized retail websites (aka ‘marketplace sellers’) are NOT covered by our warranty. Warranties are not transferrable.

If you purchased your product from an authorized Nuvyyo channel partner, please contact your place of purchase directly.

Yes tablo/Nuvyyo is explicit about that https://www.tablotv.com/warranty-returns/. As noted, Amazon is vague “who” you’re making a purchase from. I try to scrutinize, often it’s an offshore vendor, maybe a suite office in the US.

It’s hard to confirm if the product is from the manufacture, or “just like” the original. The listing will say it’s by Manufacture, Sold by Obsecure Inc. - pictured as authentic, but that could be for illustrative purposes.

I agree, it’s not that I don’t like Amazon, but it’s not always what it looks like.

You mean that on the product page, right hand side, below the “add to cart” and “Buy Now” buttons The merchant links are vague

Sold by Quantum Networks
and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Well, I’m getting sucked into your hijacking another topic… No, I mean a company you can’t find anything about other than a presence on Amazon. One that uses stock pics from the original manufacture yet sells 3rd party products. …fulfilled by Amazon, ok, so Amazon is taking care of things for me - but are they?

I only responded to the user who bought a tablo product from a vendor who wasn’t Amazon. Amazon is a market place with many vendors. I don’t think they are going to provide the level of detail that every possible customer would like. If you don’t know enough about a vendor don’t purchase. It’s that simple.

since you won’t click on the reply to the specific post – maybe you’re posting to every/anyone. :neutral_face:

I agree, but life isn’t always “that simple”

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Newegg also sold Tablo at one time. Don’t know if they still do.

That is very likely! Their page for Software License Agreement section 3. mentions open source license, but if you try to follow the URL, www.Nuvyyo.com/opensource you get a 404 :scream: cause it’s know to still use free and open programs… the the GPL the are using under, says they’re suppose to include the license. A lot of their knowledge base articles are really really old as well.

My guess is that their omission is not intentional, there are plenty of companies that don’t adequately maintain their web presence.

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a technology company yet, while their devices make use of a web server… which needs maintained :neutral_face:

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Zippy, I did not think that the Tablo warranty would discriminate by who you bought the unit from. Therefore, I did not worry about shopping for the best buy on Amazon. You were somewhat snarky in your remark, I was merely passing on my experience to other potential buyers. Now I do know to go to the manufacturer’s website to investigate the small print in the warranty section.

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I would bet that tablo uses not only the software stack(WEB server,etc) provided by xcode but also xcode’s api’s.

But there are always those that suffer from conspiracy theorists syndrome. But information exits if one looks.



The snark continues, no conspiracy theory intended, just noting that one must not assume a straightforward supplier/buyer contract in this day and age. Thank you for the links.