When watching a show that is recording

After the show is done recording. I am bounced back to guide. This is happening ftv2 and atv4.

Firmware on Tablo is current and all devices are up to date. It’s not a big deal, but shows that record, you may be 5 minutes in and you are bounced to the guide.

If I watch a recorded show, all is fine.

If I am watching a show and not recording it, the next one comes on and keeps playing.

This only happens when I am recording a show and watching at the same time. I’ve noticed this happening on cbs and nbc. I am in the philly market and I can’t get abc…don’t get me started on that whole white whale situation.

I figure a tuner is being released and one is being used to create thumbnails. I also don’t think I have more than one additional show recording at the same time.

It happens when recording law & order svu the other night.

If you are watching an in progress recording this is the normal behaviour. I assume you are going to Recordings to start the in progress recording?

It won’t bounce you back to the guide if you start watching the channel before a recording starts on that same channel.

I’ll keep an eye on this and see if I can repeat it. I came in after my wife was already watching it.