When recording, Simultaneous Viewing 4th Gen 2 Tuner

I’m new to Tablo TV and we just started using in our household but I was under the impression that the 4th Gen 2 Tuner allowed you to record a show but with a family of 4 we could still watch other live/streaming shows on 2-3 other televisions/devices while that recording was going on but it seems like only 1 other live/streaming show can be watched through Tablo on 1 other tv/device while that recording is going on. Is that correct or Am I missing something?

Yes theres only two tuners and if one is recording theres only 1 channel to playback

Thank you for confirmation!

Just to clarify, if your family wanted to watch completed recordings, those don’t take up any tuners. It is just live tv / live recordings that use up the tuners. And you also have two “virtual tuners”, so you could watch two live FAST (internet) channels along with two OTA channels.


Appreciate your clarification. Didn’t realize there were two virtual tuners in addition to the two tuners that are using the antenna.

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The thing with the IP channels is that they do not use any tuners. Only uses internet connection.

Not entirely true…

It doesn’t use the TV tuners for the IP channels but it does use ‘virtual’ tuners to stream and record according to the support article…

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Well I stand corrected. Thanks!

If one is recording everyone can watch the same on a different streaming device or IP channel. So it depends on what you are 5ecirding and what you are watching.