When or will we be able to use Tablo Connect on Roku?

This is kind of an important feature for me since I have a house out of state that I visit quite often, and would like to leave a Roku hooked up to be able to watch my OTA back home. When will this be available, or will it ever be available? I don’t mind the pairing at home part, as long as it stays paired. Is this something you guys are working on, or will I need to look elsewhere for this functionality?

@wiseadam - This has been a fairly popular request given how many of our users are also Roku fans.

It is technically possible to do this, but it will require some coding and effort on our part. We are currently looking to add a developer to our team to focus only on Roku. Once we have this person hired, we’ll be able to move forward with a lot of the neato updates to the Roku channel that we’d like to complete.