When might the Android or Fire TV apps get the Roku channel change update?

I love the way the Roku allows you to surf what’s playing on other channels without leaving your channel. I hope Android and Fire TV can get that.

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Tablo PREVIEW app for the Android TV and Fire TV devices have the feature.

Fire TV Devices have this. Click the “down” arrow to access the Quick Channel Select menu (Tablo Preview).

Awesome. Thanks for the fast response How do I go about getting preview on my devices (Shield TV and Fire TV Box)?

Nevermind. I found it.


Wow! Totally improved experience. Channels are more stable on it, it feels faster, and the channel preview works even better than it does on the Roku. This is a masterpiece!

Are there plans to make this the official version? Control4 won’t make minidrivers for the preview because they consider it a beta version. Maybe you guys and your development team could inform the guys at c4 that the preview is app isn’t really a beta but more of a Android TV /firetv app?

Thank you!

You bet! As soon as it’s feature complete, the switcheroo will happen. And we’re a lot closer to that timeline now.


Feel free to pass this thread along to them, but we’ll try to connect with them as well.

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Is it also in progress for the Samsung TV app?

Smart TV apps are always an outlier unfortunately. They’re a lot more difficult to code for and test so unfortunately I’m not sure if/when we’ll be able to bring Quick Channel Select to those platforms.