When is LG TV Tablo app going to be updated?


The LG TV Tablo app hasn’t been updated in 3 years, but Tablo features have been added, notably commercial skip recently. When is the app going to be updated? Thanks. /d


Wouldn’t this be a question for LG?


Tablo creates the app for the LG TVs. Given the majority of users have Roku units, Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices, I assume you’ll be waiting a while for an update to the LG app. Limited resources. Must prioritize.

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We’re working on updates for the Smart TV platforms now.


Great news. Thanks! /d


Good stuff! I used to use a PC connected to my plasma TV to access my Tablo but since I picked up an LG OLED TV a few months ago I have switched to the Tablo app for LG. It’s more convenient because I don’t have to boot up another device but I miss the extra features in the web app.