When is LG TV Tablo app going to be updated?

The LG TV Tablo app hasn’t been updated in 3 years, but Tablo features have been added, notably commercial skip recently. When is the app going to be updated? Thanks. /d

Wouldn’t this be a question for LG?

Tablo creates the app for the LG TVs. Given the majority of users have Roku units, Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices, I assume you’ll be waiting a while for an update to the LG app. Limited resources. Must prioritize.

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We’re working on updates for the Smart TV platforms now.

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Great news. Thanks! /d

Good stuff! I used to use a PC connected to my plasma TV to access my Tablo but since I picked up an LG OLED TV a few months ago I have switched to the Tablo app for LG. It’s more convenient because I don’t have to boot up another device but I miss the extra features in the web app.

Can you update us on status of newer version of Tablo.for smart TVs? My 2019 LG has v. 1.1.14 dated 2016 and rarely connects to Tablo. I don’t need a Roku and don’t want another remote just for watching major networks.

Sorry you’re running into this. We last updated the LG app in June. It’s possible that you may need to ask the TV to update your apps.

I also have a 2019 LG TV. I’ve noticed that in the LG app store they do describe the app as being version 1.1.14 and last updated in 2016 but when you are running the app and check under settings it describes the HTML Application as 1.7.4 build 144 [201907101520] which I assume is the latest version for LG?
I think LG is just not updating the description in their app store.

That’s correct.

Thank you Tablo! Tonight I checked to see if my LG tv would connect to Tablo…and it failed again! But, after a minute or so staring at the failed connection on the screen, I was prompted to accept an upgrade, I believe it was to 2.2.28. It said it would take 3 steps to upgrade and a few minutes after initiating…VOILA!! Tablo opened!!
I switched to another app and then went back to Tablo app and it opened immediately.
I’ll try again in the morning, but looks good so far.