When Is A Weak Signal Really A Weak Signal?

It would be nice to have an error message refer to just one specific thing. This “weak signal” error message can entail too many things and has become variable and ambiguous in nature. There should be one exact message for a weak antenna signal, a different one for wifi, another one for disk inaccessibility and so on. These are all measurable, specifiable conditions and not mysterious at all.

You don’t like elegant code such as?

…Tablo do something…
Show “Weak Signal”

@TabloFan This message did come up too often in the past, but the most recent releases should have solved this. If you’re continually getting this message when signal isn’t an issue, definitely send us a ticket with the details (date, time, channel, etc).

What then specifically does this message refer to? A weak antenna signal?

Yes - this is only in reference to OTA signal. It doesn’t relate to Wi-Fi, etc. If you’re getting these errors in a way that doesn’t seem accurate, don’t hesitate to give us a shout with the details.

I know its an old post, but it would be smarter for Tablo to have a built in meter to show what they consider to be a weak signal. My TV can show me what each channel strength is, and its quite consistent with the signal meter I have.
I would like to know the signal strength that the tablo tuner is seeing.

OMG this is so needed. I get great signal strength on my Samsung TV, where I can clearly see the actual signal strength plus the actual vs. virtual channel, etc.

Plug the same cable into the Tablo, and I can’t tell anything other than “It doesn’t work”

I would kill for a clear signal diagnostic screen.

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Preferably with something that tells me if the issue is the signal is too weak or it is interference (so I know if I should buy an amp or a filter).