What's up with Free Movies Plus?

Anyone know what’s going on with the streaming channel Free Movies Plus? For the last couple of days the program guide for that station has just been showing: “To Be Announced”. If you tune to the station you see a varying broadcasted message of “We’ll be right back”. I hope the station isn’t in the process of shutting down. Has anyone heard any news as to why they aren’t broadcasting any content now?

Got the same on mine, even tried updating it about 10 minutes ago. Still no data.

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Just checked on a Google TV device’s Live guide. Same thing. Just says “To Be Announced”. Obviously an issue with the source. When I tried to open it, it did go through Plex.

It still says “to be announced” however there is a movie playing.John Leguizamo is teaching chess.

Critical thinking 2020.

Newest update, Firestick 4K pro.

My program guide updated yesterday and is showing that they are again airing movies. Maybe they were down for some system maintenance. In any case, I’m glad they are back.

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Noticed my Free Movies Plus was still showing TBA, and now Surfer. Just ran another channel guide, but they’ve said in the past that it could take a half an hour to fill in missing data.