What's the going consensus on the best streamer (box not stick)

I thought I could get away with using a fire tv stick downstairs with the hopes of being able to get rid of the dying tivo HD (with unlimited)…but the sticks are just under-powered it seems to have a good usable experience. I have about 25 channels in the guide and it only pulled names (no artwork or details) for just a couple shows over a few hours…and some of them said “untitled”. Moving from one tablo menu to the next was painfully slow and ultimately locked up the stick.

So I thought I’d try my roku - well that too is an older roku 2 XS (3050) that doesn’t support 5GHz wireless networks…so the LPW was unbearable.

Based on Roku’s site I’d get a roku 2…but curious as to if that is what the going consensus is as the best product for tablo to stream wireless to?

re-reading this - it makes it sound like my experience with the tablo is horrible. That’s not the case - I have a modern Roku TV that works great as does chrome on multiple devices. This TV that I’m trying to connect is an afterthought and the Fire Stick and old Roku were laying around - figured I’d try those before buying a new “thing”.

Easy. Shield and Nexus Player. Most cluck for buck - NP.

@jbsmith_05 - Fortunately for you, we wrote a blog post all about that: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/best-streaming-set-top-box-tablo/

Key question is what is the make and model of your router?

If this TV is far away buried in the basement, you may need to either hard wire your playback device or get a better router with improved WiFi capabilities.

The Nexus Player is the best bang for your buck as it has Wireless AC, but again you need a router with Wireless AC.

Thanks for the feedback @JerryG and @TabloTV - I have read that blog post a couple times, but was hoping to get some objective opinions from every day users.

That said @theuser86 I’m running a Cisco E4200 with a Tomato firmware. I have also manually picked channels for it to broadcast on that are not conflicting with my neighbors wifi. It’s located upstairs (2 story home) in the central part of the house whereas the tv I’m thinking of connecting is downstairs slight off to the left from being directly below the router (probably 10-20 feet off center). That location actually pics up the 5Ghz signal better than a room upstairs diagonally from the router - based on a signal strength meter on my phone.

I now see that this thread is more or less a duplicate of another…so mod’s feel free to delete this one.