What's the deal with tech support?

I put in a support ticket and get an email reply the same day to put my Tablo into “remote access mode” (which I did) so they can install the fix for the dread recording/not accessible recordings bug. Now its going on nearly a week and I can’t get anyone in tech support to reply to my emails if they did it or not and my Tablo has been blinking blue the whole time.

Ugh… never “reply”. That moves your ticket to the end of the queue. You might try old school, telephone.


We work on a first-in-first out system so it seems like your follow ups just delayed things even more.

@Chudan - I’ve asked the team to bump you to the top of the list. You’ll get a reply momentarily.

In general, we reply to all tickets within 1 business day. But if you’re ever curious as to the status of your ticket, the best thing to do is to give us a ring, or drop us a line via social media (Facebook or Twitter).

So even though my email (received and sent) has the ticket number in the subject line, the tech support system bounces an existing support ticket to the end of the line? That seems rather counter productive when my support email told to (in bold) email back:


Can you put your Tablo into remote access mode using the instructions listed below? We’d like to login and run a fix for this!

Press the reset button 3 times rapidly (3 times within 1 second).
The LED will begin blinking twice in a row, with a small pause (heartbeat mode). This allows me to access your Tablo remotely.

Ensure that this is happening for at least 2 minutes after you try this. If the blue LED goes solid, it didn’t work and we’ll need to try again. The most common reason for this not working is if you did not click the reset button 3 time quickly enough. Try clicking it rapidly 3 times again.

The Tablo will work normal while we take a look. The remote session will last until of one us reboots the Tablo.

Let me know when you’ve done this.

Thank you,

(name removed)
Tablo Support
Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET

There is nothing in the support email saying ‘don’t email or you go to the back of the line’. Instead, it infers to reply back as soon as I did what the email says.

It wasn’t the initial reply, it was the follow up emails that did this.

Next time, just reply once and wait for us to get back in touch.