What would cause frequent Syncing?

So I’m returning to Tablo for watching routinely after a ‘season’ of offloading everything to Plex. Plex was fine, but didn’t really provide sufficient “wow” for the additional complexity, and didn’t really benefit my “watch & delete” lifestyle.

So the question is, almost every evening when I start up my Tablo on my Google Nexus player, it has to sync. It is not quite the 10 minute sync that it used to be, but it is still annoying and goes on for about 2 minutes. The Nexus and the Tablo are both stationary, both wireless, and I don’t remember it being that way before.

As I recall when I was watching Tablo direct before, it would not need to re-sync unless I went a long while (more than a week or so?) without watching. And I know there has been work to put syncing more in the background, but that’s still in the “preview” version, correct?

I may go forward and load the preview, but also wondering when it will become “production”.

Thanks -

No, even one day needs sync. And if you have a lot of channels, it can still be maddening.