What version of Roku

I have 4630X - Roku Premiere+ 12.5.5 build 4174-29it works great with Legacy and a piece of junk for 4th gen. Using 802.11AC

2013 roku 3 on 5ghz, 2018 4660 on 5ghz, 2015 roku 2 wired, all working with gen 4 connected via 2.4 ghz. watching live tv now on 4660 for over a hour.

I wonder if difference can be howivj you have installed
I will try to imh some

There is no magic with my install. My router is an over 10 year old n750. I just don’t use or launch anything from the home menu and I only play live from the Live menu and channel number. I don’t channel surf. My gen 4 is on 2.4 ghz because the install failed 10 times on SSID lookup on my android 13 tablet and my other device was only 2.4 ghz.

Tablo 4th Gen Firmware 2.2.48 & brand new Roku Ultra 4802X with OS 12.5.5 update

Tablo & Roku both using wired lan connection.

Live TV OTA still drops after 15 minutes or so.

BUT overall Tablo/Roku app “performance” feels less clunky.

Still 2 weeks left before I hit my return cutoff date. Hopefully we’ll see additional updates/improvements before then.

Are you saying Live TV as in OTA or Live TV as in FAST.

Sorry should have been more precise, I was referring to Live TV OTA, will go back and edit my post. Thanks

I assume you have determined if it’s every(multiple) OTA channels or just some or one.

While I rarely have any signal interference or poor S/N, I have other products that distribute MPEG2 transport streams and if the MPEG2 stream is malformed the Roku video player does seem to barf.

It’s not channel specific, can’t say I’ve tried all 100+ channels but it happens on the big 3 very frequently. It’s reliably unreliable!

My OTA signal strength, reception, image quality is excellent.

It’s a very simple symptom, watch Live OTA TV on Tablo and after some random period of time find myself back at Roku Home Screen.

I’ve had the same problem. Workaround is to play 30 seconds, then rewind it back 30 seconds. Then play. Pretty reliable workaround for me.

Ine did that but Zi removed some Roku Channels I didn’t watch
Restarted Roku, uninstal, testart, reinstall. Opened from st poo re and it did
Went home and opened
Eat hard for an hour without probl3ms.

I have 4 Roku TVs, 1 2018 Ultra, and 1 4k+
All are wireless and streaming properly… after a long list of troubleshooting that I posted.
The Tablo 4Gen 2 tuner is hardwired into my core switch (ManCave Network Rack).

I think some issues arise on weak networks, hardwired and wireless. (Not the App closing issue) I mean Streaming Issue. Good chipset will work wonders.