What Type of Cord Cutter Are You?

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There Are At Least Three Different Types of Cord Cutting: What Type of Cord Cutter Are You?

Type 1: The Live Streamers
Type 2: The On-Demand Streamers
Type 3: The Hard-Core Cord Cutters

I know it pops into different topics from time to time, many have different views and opinions. They do point out, it’s not a one-size-fits-all, and you may change over time.
Just wondering how other’s fit into these categories?
Me, I’m a primarily 3 part-time 2, 3/2 I guess.
I don’t have access to true high speed internet. I have wireless (not cellular, but is LTE technology) rated at 2 down and 512 up, barely minimal video streaming – I’ve had an antenna for over 30yrs.

I would primarily be a type 2. I do have SlingTV, but that is exclusively for sports.

I stream a lot, mostly anime, but also the occasional Netflix and Amazon Prime series. I also have two shows on DisneyNow that I watch each week.

I also use WatchESPN for basketball and football (mostly Vanderbilt).

So OTA - tablo, is when you get board?

A 2, though not far from a 3.

I have a shared Netflix account I don’t pay for, if it went away I wouldn’t miss it. I have Amazon Prime I pay for, but only occasionally stream from there.

I have Amazon Prime, as a result prime video. Mostly I watch AcornTV or BritBox, discovered I find non-US programing more entertaining… or classic shows from days gone bye. I do watch contemporary show as well - OTA.

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Don’t quite fit into one of these categories, as I watch very little TV to begin with. What I do watch, I get from Philo and my antenna … about 2 - 3 hours a week between them, if lucky. I’ll check in with Tablo once a week or so, to watch a recording or two … same goes for the Recast.

Hundreds (and hundreds) of movies on Vudu and Fandango, I’ll never put a dent in that library. I still like physical media, so I’ll fork out for a 4K disc (or at least the Blu-ray) if I really like the movie.

My girlfriend (the Hula Hoop/ “Let it Snow” girl) has VHS parties, where she invites friends over to screen them. A Billy Jack party, for example, where they all dressed up as Indians & hippie girls to watch it. And I still Redbox. If I’m uncertain about a movie, I’ll Redbox it first, to see if it’s worth forking out for the Blu-ray.

I think we’re mutts. Kind of a mix of all 3. We have Netflix, Prime, Hulu, and HBO Go. My wife watches old seasons of NYPD Blue on Netflix, but we rarely sit down and find a movie or something we want to watch from any of them.
We mostly watch OTA and Philo (DIY, HGTV, Food Channel, etc… the channels we actually WATCHED when we had cable)
But that OTA is tempered by being able to record OTA. First we had TiVo and now Tablo.

So… we’re Mutts

AcornTV + Britbox - superb! Midsomer, Poirot, Miss Marple, Morse, Lewis, Doc Martin, etc. The best! The Brits know acting. Hard to watch the shouting (passed off as in your face acting) on ABC\CBS\NBC\FOX…

The Aussie shows like Miss Fisher are good too.

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I guess all the above?

PS Vue, MotortrendTV, TabloTV, FansChoiceTV, and Netflix (with HBO and Starz when there’s something we want to watch?)

Netflix is soon to be added to the HBO and Starz group of services, I think? So many shows we enjoy going away, and so many new originals feeling like SyFy? (Sharknado but as a Netflix original?)

Only live TV we really watch is motorsports (NASCAR, IMSA, Indy, etc) and local news? Everything else is on-demand/DVR?


OTA, Netflix & Amazon Prime here.

Same as Nilex.

…and I can’t help but feel media corporations are sway public opinion. Generally get a sense of a political and social agenda! well some real obvious.

Also notice, often, UK shows have “ordinary” looking people, not everyone is always great looking and sexy …not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Looks like you mentioned a couple live streaming, with a collection of video on demand streaming… TabloTV would be OTA.

1 - 2 / 3 maybe :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup, and they employ a lot of older actors. My wife and I are now more familiar with the British actors than the current America ones.

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I suppose more than one could count as live streaming services, but should they, if most of the time we’re using them as on-demand/DVR services? Even our TabloTV is used almost entirely as a DVR for on-demand/time-shifted content.

Ok, first line from the article:

If you read Cord Cutters News every day you likely know we often talk about how there is no one-size-fits-all solution to cord cutting.

So, yea, these are generalized catigories. But I do see your point somewhat, except your tablo device. Even though your perception is clouded using alongside streaming services aka Over-the-top media services. With tablo, you can’t demand it until it airs (broadcasted)… and you don’t pay for it (other than paying for internet service to use the device over your own network)
I know with services, you have to wait until current programing is available, but you have mindless choices in the meantime.

I have a flat antenna that gets all the weather news & traffic. Then Philo for $20 I get all the Hallmark & Lifetime movies & shows I could ask for plus some great tv channels. And vudu which I totally love thousands of free movies & shows with commercials I don’t mind at all.

Great combo, low cost! Are you using a Tablo or something like that with the antenna?

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If the shows are interrupted by advertisements… I don’t believe it to be truly free. Generations have been indoctrinated to think not paying out-of-pocket is free. Your time is valuable, your personal information has value… a fee app is costing you something. US Corporations and business don’t give away anything! Weather or not you mind, as long as you understand what it is truly costing you.

…back on topic - great deal!

I use a stream + to record tv shows from the antenna it works really well, plus I can watch Philo & vudu on it too. I got a tablo last week. I haven’t hooked it up yet I’ve been too busy to try & figure it out. It was on sale for 99.