What to do with a dead Tablo

My 4 year old Tablo died, worked with support but couldn’t get it working again. I’ve gone ahead and orders a replacement. Seems a bit of waste to toss it, any have a use for an non working Tablo? Parts? Anyone repair them?

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Can you take the cover off and photograph the inside for us?

Sorry to hear this, given four years, at least you pretty much got your money’s worth. Very nice to offer it up for parts, repair, etc.

When my Tablo goes, I’ll probably paint it in some kind of metallic finish, hand paint the word “Tablo” in an unusual, interesting font, clear coat it and put it up on the shelf as a personal “museum” piece. Put it up there with my 1984 Macintosh … which received the same treatment.

It would really be nice if Tablo took it back for parts, paid for shipping and tossed a few dollars back (or discounted a few from the new purchase).

You use to be able to find pictures of the 4 year tablo’'s mother board on superhack.

The dual lite was on the FCC application site.

Did you try a new power adapter?


I tried a new power adapter, didn’t fix it. I’ll post a picture of the board later this evening.

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Finally got a chance to take pictures of the board. Here are pictures of front and back.


Very neatly laid out boards. Some devices look like the undergrowth of a forest.

Where’s the blue wire? Can’t function without the blue wire.

The main Canadian color (or is it colour) is red :maple_leaf: So it would probably be the red wire…:canada:

I always cut the green wire.
I don’t care what they say.

Better pictures with the picture links at the bottom of the page.