What the deuce is this? NEW GEAR?

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There must be some reason to make these engineering changes.
[/quote]I worked for a major appliance manufacturer for many years. We had a new front load washing machine that featured a re-circulating water pump… Our marketing dept had all kinds of “reasons” for this new “feature”, and one would think they wouldn’t have spent the money on time and resources to engineer it if it did not serve some form of purpose…

I questioned it though, its a front load washer, the water really could not be any more re-circulated.

Long story short, it was added to rectify a PERCEIVED problem. We often received complaints from customers that the machine did not use ENOUGH water because they could not see enough of it through the glass door.

This re-circulating pump would spray the water down the back of the glass in direct view of the customers…

Yep, all that time, engineering cost, an extra water pump, tubing, etc. They were all added JUST to make it look like the machine had more water in it than it did… Our customer complaint volume on that “issue” dropped 60%.

Tablo points out the reason above, this is more hardware in a smaller box, but I wanted to point out, sometimes design changes are more an appeasement of perceived issues rather than solving an actual one.

I own 2 four tuner Tablos, both mounted in rather warm areas, neither have had any temperature related issues for 2 years.

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Running into the same issue when wearing last year’s clothes.


Random aside @tacopeland - I can’t help reading the title of your post in Stewie’s voice.

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“More cooling is needed when you cram the same amount of guts into 20% less space.” - So are you saying that the new model has the same four and half year old chipsets inside? Newer chipsets can use less energy and thus generate less heat. ARM likes to call theirs Big/little architecture.

Are there any other changes under the hood? Is the transcoding engine the same? Is the CPU newer/faster? Anything that end users will notice?

Looks like it’s harder to stack something on top of it. Which might be a good thing. :slight_smile:


If you want to know what’s under the hood you might need to know what components were on one of the original models. Superhac had supposed pictures of a Rev 5 motherboard.

It might be hard to get Nanya 128m memory chips or panasonic demodulators since I think panasonic sold that business off.

But Vixs xcode 5190, 2010 design, seems to be hanging in there since it handles quad streams. While the newer 5500 seems to be dual stream

Does v2 have surround sound/Dolby Digital decoding?

Does this new model still use the dumb concept of a 4-way splitter for only two streams or did Nuvyyo come to its senses and use only a 2-way splitter for DUAL streams?

That’s really a software problem, not a hardware one, so no.

The Tablo DUAL only has a 2-way split.

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@TabloTV @TabloEngineering @TabloCEO
Congrats on the new product. Looks great, I like the form factor.

Here’s why I would stick to my older model.
Quad tuner. I don’t know the split in the two products. The ram and the fact that I can have more channels being watch/recorded in parallel was a must for us.
Storage. 64GB is not very big. Channel master’s 1TB option was decent. I prefer the overall offer Tablo has. But come on, 64GB? In my opinion, more option in storage category. I don’t like having a dangling external drive from my unit. If a 1TB option was available, I would consider.

I hope you are planning on making a Table … Quad?

By the same token: ability to export recording into iTunes would be great. The subscription is great, you get all the meta data related to the show. Why not export all of that in a wrapper and send to iTunes? The encoding you are using is H.264 right?

Good luck, I hope the product does well and will consider my suggestions.

I like it.
And we should call that feature iTablo.
You heard it here first.

To make this truly feature complete, needs to charge $.30 for every export.

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Darn it! The rest of us have a good tuner compromised by a lazy splitter design while the new guys will get the right splitter\tuner configuration. A 4-way splitter bleeds off signal strength on those unused legs - which many people have complained about. This new Tablo should then be getting better reception with the same tuner.

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$0.30 for standard quality.
$0.40 for high quality.
$1.00 for you won’t be able to tell the difference, but have the money, so why not spend it quality.

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Good thing our CFO doesn’t read the forums. :joy:

But seriously, we try to be fair about stuff like that. If there’s an expenditure that we have to undertake (i.e. guide data) we do need to pass some of that cost along. Features that don’t cost us anything, we like to give to users for free.

The good news is that we have two new developers joining us this month which means we should be able to start making a bigger dent in the feature to-do lists.

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It was in jest. It’s just that Apple folks seem to have a need to pay… so I suggested a pay thing so they’d be satisfied. All for Apple, Tablo wouldn’t see a dime.

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That is nice to hear. I still think the guide data cost more than it should but I don’t know your costs.

Great. I don’t suppose you could share that list with us?

I assume this is new unit can be added on the current lifetime subscription for those of us with the OG Tablos?