What should I have done different?

Below is email from Tablo Support about my ticket I submitted LAST NIGHT: Note that my original message was sent at 9:34 PM (Central) and the response was not sent until 5:24 PM (I assume Eastern time). I said "IONTV 36-3 just went live today in Austin, TX. My zip code is 78758. I mentioned in the forum it was coming. Now it’s here.
". Instead should I have said “I am now watching it without EPG by pressing play”? So now it waits until Monday before being submitted to the EPG company.

edit: just emailed this image:

On Nov 6, 2015 4:34 PM, “Tablo” support@tablotv.zendesk.com wrote:

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Your request (11416) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.
                                                                              Tablo Support - Nyein (Tablo)                                                    Nov 6, 5:34 PM                                                Hi Bill,Could you run a channel scan? Log onto http://my.tablotv.com/ and go into the settings menu.

Click “Edit Location” then enter your zip code.
Click “Begin Channel Scan”
Afterwards click "Add to guide"If you Tablo picks up the new channel you will be able to watch it on Live TV.Please let me know if you are able to find the channel after a scan and I will have your guide data update.Thanks,Nyein
Tablo Support
Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET Bill Eastman Nov 5, 9:26 PM IONTV 36-3 just went live today in Austin, TX. My zip code is 78758. I mentioned in the forum it was coming. Now it’s here.

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I would have done it like this…

Following is a new channel that needs to get added to the Tablo Channel Guide.
Please request your EPG (electronic program guide) company to add this new channel.
IONTV 36-3 just went live today in Austin, TX.
My zip code is 78758.

I’'ll do it that way WHEN 14-2, 54-2, and 54-3 get added in the coming months. They are all the same management and the engineer is for all the stations in Austin, TX. He was nice enough to get specific date for IONTV and it happend but NDA for what the other stations will be - only that they are coming. I know they can not add them prior to the broadcast beginning, from COZI and BUZZER being added recently. It is a good time to be a cord cutter. These new channels won’t make it to cable until the annual negoiation for retransmission rights, and the station will say “all or none” to justify the price increase.

Example - I remember Disney being a premium channel, just as HBO is, but then Disney purchased ABC/ESPN. Now Disney is in the standard package in order to carry ABC and ESPNs.

Yes you were not clear about what you were emailing them about, can’t fault them. Either way, even if they had submitted the request to the guide provider today, nothing would get done over the weekend.

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The tablo response did seem to come from the zendesk.

Maybe more meditation and living in harmony would have helped.

Titantv doesn’t have it by default, but by registering I can add channel just by searching for IONTV and then check it against what is on TV.

Going back rereading my email, I did not ask to add it to the guide. They just told me how I could watch it using Tablo, which I already knew and had done. First I scanned the TV and when it found it, I rescanned the Tablo. The TV is faster, and is why I checked it first. Last night was the day I was told it would begin. I was surprised it made it with the rain we have been having. It’s a great station.