What is this icon where a picture should be?

Anyone seen this where guide artwork should be (a little box with an “x” in the upper left hand corner)? The thumbnail is also blank when viewing all TV shows. It’s for the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, so I’m sure there “is” artwork. Don’t really watch the show, but came across it and thought it a technical curiosity.

I saw this as well. The show was Bob (Hearts) Abishola… my wife’s show. Please don’t judge me :slight_smile:

I assume it will self-correct at some point.


Hi @smess,

That is certainly strange. Is it still showing up like that today? Also just to be sure, is this the browser web app (my.tablotv.com), and if so, which browser are you using?

Seeing across clients. But usually just no picture (and not the little icon). This is from the iOS app today

Roku has the name of the show - which is more normal when there is no thumbnail. The browser app looks the same. But nothing is strange when it comes to the browser app.

I bring this up also because I expect to usually only see this with locally produced shows or even new programs that just premiered for the first time. I thought it was odd for a long running program that can’t be any more main stream.

The [x] icon is resemblance of the not found browsers use.

For local programming and shows yet without artwork, are all blue boxes for me.

If it doesn’t matter, I’m still using 2.2.40 firmware.

The picture in the original post was from the Windows 10 App.

Here’s a picture from Firefox (slightly different ‘icon’)

I would almost suspect if you looked in the console (or somewhere under developers tools) you would find a 404 not found error for that image.
If so, suggesting tablo thinks it has a graphic, sending a URL for it… yet it’s not available. OR … it’s malformed perhaps due to changes to comply with Chrome.

The thumbnail is part of the shows metadata and loaded into the various apps from the tablo unit. On Roku when the thumbnail isn’t there you get the program description. In the browser you get what you see. It use to be that even on roku the thumbnail area was blank.

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