What is the point of 2 USB ports?

I tried connecting 2 Harddrives to my Tablo and I only see one.  Any idea why there is two usb ports then?

@ltldevl - We don’t currently support multiple hard drives but this is something that we’re considering in a future update which is why we added the second one. What would happen then is Tablo would load balance between the two drives. 

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Nice!  I had bought two drives with this in mind so I can’t wait to see that! :slight_smile:

Awesome! We’ve got all sorts of tricks up our sleeves - just need the time to get them done!

Also, it probably adds almost nothing to the production cost to put the second USB port there.  

That may be, but ports with no purpose is money thrown away and confusion in the making Luckily there is a purpose (future)!

In the meantime you could use the extra port for something like this: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/964e/ 

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HA! nice!

Any update on this?? I’m on my second HDD since getting my Tablo. Instead of buying a third and transferring content, I would LOVE to be able to plug in the original one for an additional 2TB. Thank you!!!

This thread is 6 years old lol

And new Tablo units do not have 2 USB ports, only the OG devices.

So likely this will never be a feature.

Well, I know, but I’ve kept my eye on it because it would be handy!! My Tablo isn’t that old. Got it in July 2017.

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I’ve seen a few Tablo 4’s using the 2nd for a cooling fan, seems like that is it’s true purpose :slight_smile:

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