What is the least problematic streaming device for Tablo?

I’ve had my Tablo for over a year now, my setup is streaming through a Roku 3.

While everything seemed perfect in those early months, as time went on we began experiencing issues:

  • shows recording but not showing up on the recorded list
  • Roku Reboots while watching recorded shows
  • stalls and freezing while watching recorded shows
  • and once again more reboots and stalls while watching recorded shows.

Now I don’t necessarily blame Tablo for all these issues… I KNOW some/many are Roku related.

But my question to all of you is what device (right now) is the most effective and least problematic?
Roku 2
Roku 3
Apple TV
Fire Stick
Fire Box
Android TV Box
Android TV Stick
Something else??

I’m really really tired of my Roku 3 issues and Tablo has been great to help me out, but it seems like everytime one issue goes away, another crops up. Is this true across all the platforms? If the solution to my problem is to purchase another streaming device, rather then fighting and rebooting my Roku3 multiple times per week… well, I may be up for that.


NVIDIA Shield.

Or based on the preview videos, the new APPLE TV 4.


I would say based on my personal experience that the 4th Gen Apple TV is the best all around and least problematic. We have three Apple TVs 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen.

I have tried just about everything for streaming from my Tablo. Roku 2 XS, Roku 2 XD, Roku 3, several vintages of iPads, our Macs and now finally with the Nexus Player. At first with the Roku 2’s everything was hunky dory although the UI sucks. Then I had all the problems with LPW messages, rebooting, etc. So I got a Roku 3. No joy there. During all this time streaming to our iPads and using AirPlay to get on the big screen always worked perfectly. Always! So too for watching on one of our Macs or even my Linux box. During all this time I have seen the Rokus reboot, hang, LPW when streaming every single channel: Netflix, Hulu Plus, news feeds and all. And no channel on the Roku looks or sounds as good as the same channel on our Apple TVs.

I finally came to the conclusion that it is the Roku. Duh!

So I got a Nexus Player. $60 at Best Buy. Life is good. None of that Rokucrap. It works perfectly with the Tablo and everything else. The GUI is very nice and responsive. Shows load instantly. Fast forward and reverse return to streaming instantly. Life is just too damn short and the Tablo is just too nice to screw around with a POS like the Roku. They may have been first in the field but they are definitely last now IMHO.


I agree with theuser86 and David_Rogers above. I have 2 Roku 3s, IPad and ATV3, and got a new Nexus Player for Christmas and it is hands down the BEST device to use with Tablo. ($50 at Amazon) The Rokus are NOW acceptable - 10s to load and 2-3s after FF no LPW and a reboot several times a week, ATV is much better but not as good as the Nexus. The Nexus is close to PERFECT!!

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The last Roku Update for ESPN also fixed Tablo for most. I too got a NP for $50.

I would agree with all comments - Roku is horrible and why Tablo leadership seems to hold it up as a premier Tablo interface device baffles me. I have actually solved most of my Roku issues by hardwiring but still get LPW. AirPlay through ATV3 and now ATV4 has been my salvation but the AirPlay is somewhat bothersome. Rather than going with Nvidia Shield or Nexus, I am waiting for the native ATV app. Not even considering Tablo, the Roku leaves me unimpressed. They tout the large number of channels but most are crap. The minute the native ATV app is released I will sell Roku and use the funds to defray the cost of a second ATV4.

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Having tried Chromecast, Roku 3, Nexus Player, PC, and NVIDIA Shield, I think the Shield is definitely the most rock solid Tablo client. Streams load almost instantly, as well as resume from FF/RW. No lockups, reboots, or restarts.

Depending on how the Apple TV 4 app turns out, that looks potentially solid as well. The biggest problem there (so far) is you won’t be able to browse movies, sports, or TV categories until later this year.

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Nvidia shield is the best right now.

ATV4 is extremely promising, I’m confident it will work well once the app’s released given the track record with the iPad app.

I’m glad people are finally realizing Roku is garbage, hope our Tablo friends comes to this conclusion too and stop wasting time on this device.

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Android TV sticks don’t exist.

There’s sticks with Android on them, but they are garbage and do not run Android TV.

They’re not going to stop developing for roku. It’s the most popular box in the market and according to their metrics, the most popular among their users.

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Yeah that’s what they said. I had been thinking of dumping the Roku, but after the 944 update, the Roku is working fine and is okay with the wife.

However, if I was looking for a new device now, I would choose something else,

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“…SOMETHING ELSE”. Consensus seems to go with Nexus player and Nividia. I transitioned to NP which is substantially cheaper and it’s been great for Tablo but not as versatile. If you’re not into multiple apps it should serve you well.

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I’ve only had the Tablo for about a month, but on first installation I had some LPWs on two Roku 2s (1 hard-wired, one wireless) and two Roku 3s (both wireless). The Roku 9044 update came out at about that time, and I upgraded all Rokus. I’ve had no LPWs since the upgrade- smooth, wonderful performance.
One of my Roku 2s is an ‘old’ model; it’s quite a bit slower queuing up initial playback than the Roku 3s and the ‘new’ Roku 2, but they’re all working well.

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I have a Roku 2 4210; since hard wiring the Roku & the latest Roku/Tablo updates I have had NO LPW’s or Roku reboots. I have stopped looking for an alternative.

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I think you just invented a new tech word - Rokucrap. Well now that they’ve cleaned up their act their victims can stop demonizing Tablo.


Unfortunately, Roku is the only agnostic device. Neith Nexus nor ATV have Amazon Prime, which is more important to me than the occasional shows I watch from Tablo.

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That’s true, but this thread is about which device is least problematic for streaming Tablo, not which streaming platform you like for other services.

Fortunately for me and I suspect many others, Amazon has zero appeal and NP provides a near perfect environment for Tablo. Different strokes, etc.

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iOS / Airplay has worked great for us for well over a year. Tried an older Roku with Tablo and it was a bust but I suspect the Roku was the issue not the Tablo app.

I have zero issues using Fire TV.